Project How about a 300% boost in customer signups?



Buying billboards used to be a pain in the dupa. It was a dragon that only large advertising agencies would dare to slay. However, the team at BillboardsIn leaned on their extensive roster of vendors to open the gates for all marketers. lets users garner competing quotes for billboards based on location and timing. Users can review options (including a snapshot of their actual, potential placement), build campaigns and finally purchase via the website.

The Challenge

When we met the BillboardsIn team, they were extremely confident in the concept and technology behind their application. However, they were concerned that UX roadblocks were frustrating users and limiting conversions.

Rather than engage a full scale, drawn-out website redesign, BillboardsIn hired us to help them make swift and impactful changes on key pages.

The Solution

We worked closely with product owners at BillboardsIn and also reviewed Google Analytics and user heatmaps to identify opportunities for impact. Over a two month span, we delivered measurable results.

UX changes to the site's homepage resulted in 80% more user signups. The creation of a step-by-step "engagement wizard" on landing pages boosted signups by 55%. Overall, our work resulted in a 300% boost in customer signups.